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Advanced formula is a Power Weapon Combination

against Osteoarthritis.


  • Helps Maintain Healthy Joints & Cartilage it exists Naturally in all of our Joints.
  • It Exists Naturally in all of our Joints
  • Healthy Support for Osteoarthritis 


ARTHI PRO Capsules

The combination of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate natural supplements stimulate the manufacturing of cartilage and chondroitin sulfate protect existing cartilage from being breakdown.. Phenylalanine and MSM (methylsulfonylme- thane.) is used to help alleviate chronic pain especially for arthritis. As an anti inflammatory agent phenylalanine takes longer  to work than synthetic pain-killers without GIT effects.


Administration: Less than 40 years old, take 2 capsules daily with meal for three consecutive months. Over 40 years old, take 2-3 capsules daily with meal for three consecutive months.


Presentation: Available in boxes of 30 capsules.


Storage Instruction:  Keep in cool and dry place & out of reach of children.


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